Gluten Free Beauty Products – Resources

gluten-free-symbolWhile doing my own research, I found some great resources on the interweb.

First of all, this article discusses if Gluten Free Cosmetics are really necessary for Celiacs out there. I also found this post from Darling Magazine, and I have to agree, that if I’m going to put something on my body, it’s gotta be gluten free.

Here’s some other great blogs and posts that I found:

Happy Shopping!


This book helped me. A lot.

When I was first diagnosed, I didn’t do much to find out about Celiac Disease. I signed up to a few official sounding websites, but did not actively search out my diagnosis.

It wasn’t until last February, when my hair was falling out and I was really sick, that I started to think I needed to find out exactly what Celiac Disease was all about. This book broke it down for me.

celiac disease book

Available in kindle

Unfortunately, this is the only book I have read on my disease, but I am sure I will find some more when I go back to Canada next July. Until then, check this book out!