#Wishbeer #Glutenfree #Beer in Bangkok!

A few months ago a reader messaged me to say they’d found gluten free beer in Bangkok. I was like “Say what!?”

Obviously it exists in the outside world, but someone in Bangers is importing it and distributing it here? Amazing!

Wishbeer was founded in 2012 and has been providing Bangkokians with lovely foreign beers and ciders. They have quick delivery and the prices are quite reasonable. Check out their Gluten Free Beers here!



Nadimos Restaurant Review – Bangkok

Last month I went out on a daring adventure to Queen Sirikit & Lumpini Park, then met up with a friend for dinner at Nadimo’s on Silom Soi 19.


When we arrived, one of the staff spoke very good English and I was able to explain that I needed gluten free fare. He helpfully explained that many of meat dishes were gluten free – such as the kebabs and meatballs. But since I’ve been on a bit of a vegetarian kick, I abstained.IMG_3111

The salads and dips were lovely! The chef even cut up some extra carrot sticks (to substitute for the breads) and I binged on fried potatoes and feta. They’ve got a pretty good wine selection, however on this occasion it was their Mint & Lime smoothie that won me over 🙂IMG_3110

Nadimos has 2 locations in Bangkok – Silom 19 and Sukhumvit 24. Both locations are easy to find and understand what’s needed in a gluten free diet. They also do delivery! Check them out!


@Paleorobbie Bangkok’s Paleo Provider

I don’t know about you gluten free folk, but I can’t eat at my school’s canteen, or the soup stalls down the road. I usually spend Sundays cooking and preparing my lunches for the week, but I want my Sundays back!


Some of the girls at work order from Health Box and other food delivery services, although the problem with them is that they don’t normally offer gluten free food, nor do they say that their kitchen is safe from cross-contamination. Continue reading

What to do when you’ve been glutened….

gluten_is_the_enemy_rectangle_magnetThis post was originally a restaurant review of Indus on Sukhumvit Soi 26, however, the day after eating there, I experienced the worst stomach upset and brain fog that I’ve had in the last two years. I wasn’t hungry and barely ate anything, it felt like my head was full of cotton wool and I couldn’t remember a damn thing all day. Continue reading

Hair Cuts & Hair Removal – Where to go in Bangkok

Updated 14 October 2015

It’s often quite difficult to find a good hairdresser, but being an expat, it’s even more difficult to find one who speaks English and knows how to deal with non-Asian hair! Luckily there are a bunch of salons in Bangers and here’s a run-down of just a few that I’ve found and personally tried.

125329_9cfba60838f34f5b84b51742e70c7bc1James Mac

tel 02 663-7399

James & Justin are simply amazing! I’ve been to see them twice and had heard about them from two colleagues who couldn’t stop praising them. At first I went in for a cut to fix what I called ‘dog flaps’ around my face and James did a great job personalizing my hair to suit my style. The second time, just recently, James toned down my ‘Thai highlights’ and made my colour multi-tonal and lovely. While I was at the salon, two women came in to have their hair fixed – one had a bad straightening job and the other woman had a horrendous cut and colour combo. James & Justin will make you feel lovely and comfortable – and they are experts when it comes to expat hair. They are superheroes in their own right 🙂 🙂

Zen Red

tel 08 3600 6176

Located a bit out of the way, but if you take the MRT to Queen Sirikit, you can easily get a taxi down to Monopoly Park. Their website lists all the services available, including high quality hair extensions, colour, perms, permanent straightening and many others. The owner and manager speak very good English and they have a huge ferrang clientele.

Fan Fan

tel 08 1171 8187

This is another great salon, the owner Frank is French and has been living here for years. While the prices are a bit more, shall we say European, he always does a great job and several of my friends are regular customers. I find that Frank always knows what’s on trend and can manage curly/frizzy/more difficult hair. The salon is nestled down Sukhumvit soi 31 but is very easy to get to.

In terms of waxing, that is a completely different kettle of fish. Most spa places that you pass will advertise waxing, but I can tell  you that quantity is definitely not quantity! I’ve seen one pot of wax used on many customers, which leaves butterflies in my stomach! You need to use your discretion here, as sometimes you will find poor hygiene, poor quality or end up with a skin condition. Here’s 2 places that I frequent and recommend to others:

Logo_3604The Waxing Bar

This place is great for Brazilians and the like. While it is a bit more expensive, a Hollywood will set you back 1,800 baht or full legs 1,400 baht, they are very friendly and accommodating at this spa. You are greeted with a cold drink and then taken to a private room. All of their waxes are new for each client, so you don’t have to worry about double dipping. Afterwards, you may shower and finish off the session with herbal tea.

The Strip (Ministry of Wax)

I found this place recently and was very impressed with their service and central location. A Brazillian was 1600 baht, but they were professional and for some reason the wax they used did not seem to be as painful as some other experiences! Located in Central Embassy by Phloen Chit BTS, they can be found on the 4th floor near the Aveda Salon & Anastasia shop.


Farmer’s Market – here we come!

imageI was a good girl this week as I took some pictures of the Bangkok Farmer’s Market down at K Village on Sukhumvit Soi 26.

It was busy as ever, and I was sad to see that my spicy cauliflower salad lady was missing, and so was the olive man.


But I did find the delicious ginger coconut organic sorbet!

And next to the Holy Shit! juices, Veganerie, which had a few gluten free baked items for sale!


This week they had rice flour muffins, oatmeal raisin cookies and strawberry shortcake!


Finding Decent Gluten Free Pasta

Despite being gluten free for over a year, I still miss decent pasta. I have had some awful pasta experiences, including De Boles rice pasta and trying to make it myself. Yeh, not a good idea without a pasta machine thingie. Not only that, but some gluten free pastas are ridiculously expensive and I have to travel all the way downtown to get them.

The Worst: De Boles

downloadThis pasta is available in most grocery stores in Bangkok, including Lemon Farms, Villas & Topps. But this pasta is not great – it’s slimy, breaks apart easily and has no taste. When you boil it, the water turns white and soupy since it is 100% rice. Avoid this pasta. If you want rice noodles, buy plain rice noodles and save yourself the money from packaging and importing.

The Best: Orgran

32257Available for sale in some grocery stores, I usually have to trek down to Maison du Vins to pick up my pasta. These cost 100-250thb, depending on the shop. Orgran products taste great and usually combine several ingredients, including corn, potato starch and rice; resulting in a nice texture and taste. Orgran also offers a variety of shapes and sizes, including lasagna sheets.

My New Favourite: Peacock Rice Pastas00810791011334_fullI found this in my local Topps and thought, for 29thb I couldn’t go wrong. I finally cooked up this pasta with some Prego spaghetti sauce and have to say – it was pretty darn good! This pasta is made from rice, corn starch and sago (similar to tapioca). The result was a great texture and decent taste! This pasta was al dente and luckily made from brown rice, meaning that there is no fat or cholesterol! Per serving (for me there are 2 servings per bag) means that I get: 6 grams of protein and 90grams of carbs. Not bad for 29thb!