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Print your Gluten Free travel cards from Celiac Travel & my own personal card (translated by a colleague) here.

Gluten Free Thailand is now a part of the Gluten Free Global Community!


Detox #2 has just been completed. Read my review of Ananda Resort in Koh Phangan here!


25 thoughts on “::Gluten Free News::

  1. Mary says:

    Hi… I am so happy that I have found your blog… I live and work in Bangkok also and have started a gluten free diet a few months ago… it has been a very difficult progress however, it it starting to get better. I was wondering do you know if Filippo Berio both classic pesto and sun dried tomato pesto are gluten free.
    Thank you

    • glutenfreethailand says:

      Hi, I’m so happy I can help Mary! Hmmm… I wonder who their distributor is? I usually check the company’s website for information, although sometimes it takes a good week for their replies. Or you could try Gluten Overflow and see what comes up. I would think, that since they sell their products in the US, UK and Canada, that they would state if there was gluten in their products. Also, while in the grocery store, I carry wet wipes to help peel back the Thai labels so I can read the ingredients list.

      Let me know what you find!

      • Mary says:

        Thank you for your reply.. I did email them but are yet to get back to me… Think maybe its best to make my own!!
        Get idea about the wet wipes, those labels drive me made!!

        Thanks again

  2. Brendan says:

    This blog is great, and I applaud your efforts to make celiacs more comfortable visiting Thailand. You’ve likely already tried them, but, for gluten-free vegetarian food, I’d recommend Dosa King and Govinda, the latter of which has gluten-free pasta, but I’ve only had their risottos. Both places have staff that speak English very well and genuinely want to help. I’ve eaten safely at Dosa King many times, as I was afraid to try somewhere new and get sick when I had a lot of work. The food is good as well.

    • glutenfreethailand says:

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog! And thank you for those recommendations. Govinda has been on my radar, as well as Ariyasom and Bonita’s Cafe. There will be some more restaurant reviews soon!

  3. Amy Whitsett says:

    Just stumbled across your blog. Five years ago I discovered that I am gluten intolerant (maybe celiac, blood test is negative but haven’t volunteered for the endoscopy yet!) while living in Laos. After a time of searching for good GF options in Vientiane and not finding any, I chose to do all my own cooking. If my family eats out I take along something I know I can eat and order fruit juice or a shake. I have found some canned beans here in Thailand (Ayam Brand – red and yellow label) that are ok and I keep on hand in case we decide to eat out at the last minute. I sometimes even keep a can in the car glove box for emergencies. I find that having a source of protein such as beans or nuts, or even getting a bottle of milk can help tie me over until I can have a real meal.

    I was also introduced to BBI – a wholesaler/distributer in BKK that sells a variety of GF flours such as corn, buckwheat and brown rice. They also carry some of the Basco mixes. While I was in Laos I would order from them by email and they shipped the order to Nong Khai (Thai border town to Vientiane) for pennies. I can dig up their contact info for anyone interested. My family recently relocated to BKK where we now live near Ekkami and BBI will deliver any order over 1000THB for free. Not sure how far their free delivery service extends. I requested them to carry a product for me and they said they would consider it if I found a source for them. Unfortunately my source was in the US and they were not able to work it out. However, I think that if sources for GF products were found in Australia they would be willing to expand their product line. Might be helpful if someone knows of a good GF seasoning powder.

    Thanks again for your blog. It’s sometimes nice to know that we’re not alone in this GF journey! I look forward to following your blog and discovering more wonderful GF options!


    • glutenfreethailand says:

      Thanks for the response Amy! I hope you find some of my shopping tips handy – you’re a bit more fortunate with GF options in Bangkok. I will personally check out BBI 🙂

    • Mary says:


      Please could I have the details of BBI… I’ve tried to look on the internet but can’t find there website.


    • aimee concepcion says:

      Dear Marley,

      I am interested to know the details of the GF Product distributor that could deliver items here in Laos. I am working in a hotel here and would like to have GF products for some of our guest.

      Appreciate if you could give me the email or contact of the supplier.

      Thank you very much.


      • Marley says:

        There’s a few places you could speak to – Paleo Robbie, Villa Markets, Maison du Vins, Passion Delivery etc.

        In my previous comment there’s the website for BBI out of Australia. I found BBI’s contact info, but it isn’t really helpful unless you want to order in bulk (like 100 boxes of something!) Telephone: +66 022-585-975 Ask for the manager as his English is quite good.

  4. Mary says:

    Hi… Me again 😉

    I was wondering what kind of things do you snack on? I have to say I do like to have a few snack during the day, although I am finding this a little difficult, as I’m unsure what to buy.. I was wondering could you help me please.


  5. Shari says:

    Hi Marley,
    I’m an American teacher living in Bangkok. I am also gluten-free. I checked on meetup.com to see if there is a gluten-free group in Bangkok but there isn’t. I think it would be helpful to meet regularly with other gluten-free people to go out to eat, discuss where to buy products, maybe have a potluck, and just support each other. Do you know of any groups like this? If not would you (or anyone else reading this) be interested in working with me to get one started?

    Also, have you eaten at Rasayana, an amazing raw restaurant not far from Phrom Phong? Everything except one item with barley is gluten-free. It’s my favorite place to eat in BKK.

      • Shari says:

        If you want I would be happy to introduce you to the yumminess of Rasayana and then we could meet and talk about how to put a group together.

        I just ate at Govinda vegetarian Italian restaurant tonight on Sukhumvit 22. I had GF puttanesca! They can do many things with GF pasta! The Italian owner is gluten-free! Ahhhh, made me happy. I want to go back and try their risotto.

  6. Kate says:

    I am so excited to have found this blog!!!! Thank you!! I was diagnosed with celiac disease over six years ago, from ab Canada. I find it difficult living strict gluten free in Canada, never mind traveling. This gives me hope that I will be able to manage something so vital and important to me. My husband and I land in Bangkok on November 2nd 2013. Also a pescetarian, so seeing vege- gr options gives me a permanent smile. Thank you!!

    • Marley says:

      I will have a few more restaurants in the Bangkok section. It is easy to be vegetarian, especially with all of the Indian restaurants here!

  7. Piccia says:

    Hi Marley, what a find your blog is! My celiac friend who lives in Oz and I want to hook up on an island in Thailand in January, but cannot find a gluten-free resort. Some we have written to have replied sounding willing to help but not really clued up. The only definitely gluten-free resorts are ridiculously expensive. Your advice would be invaluable – do you think we could trust the helpful resorts, with some supervision? My friend is understandably nervous and feels she needs more reassurance. We are beginning to think it’s an impossible task! I live in London and we really want to meet, but Ilaria needs to feel safe re: food and I would never forgive myself if she was poisoned. I would be so grateful if you could give us some advice… Thank you in advance, Piccia

    • Marley says:

      Hi, I haven’t found any, but I also haven’t been looking. I would be quite surprised if you did find some gluten free beer. Please let me know if you do!

  8. Lisa Donnelly says:

    I am so excited that I found this site. I lived in Bangkok in my early 20’s, which was before I found out I had Celiac desiese, and was always sick. Now, I am headind back to Thailand for my first visit since I left, and can’t wait to get there. I am even more excited now that I have your blog to use as a helpful reference! Thank you so much! I ate so much of my food from the street stalls when I lived in Thailand, I didn’t want to have to miss that, now it looks like I won’t have to. What an awesome addition to my trip.

    • Marley says:

      Hi Lisa, don’t get too excited yet! Be very careful of the soy sauce, which is in everything! It an happily report that most Thai desserts are gluten free though! Thais love to use rice flour, tapioca, amaranth and coconut milk, which makes some delicious combinations!

  9. Aishah says:

    Hi Marley.
    I’m so happy that I found this page. Ever since I moved to Thailand, I have been trying to explain to my surroundings that I get sick as a dog when consuming gluten. That saddest thing is that I can’t eat rice too, because it acts in my body as if it was gluten. Reading your blog just gave me some help with the Thai phrases, and now I can try once again to explain that I get very sick eating it.

    Thank you so much


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