Panchakarma Treatment, Sri Lanka

While visiting one of my yogi friends in Australia this spring, she mentioned that I should do a panchakarma treatment over the summer. Since last summer was all about the transition from Thailand to Brunei, I didn’t have the time or money to do a detox.

She explained that panchakarma is an Ayurvedic treatment, thousands of years old, that seeks to balance the mind and body through various treatments. And so for nine days* I undertook my first panchakarma at Peacock Garden Ayurveda in southern Sri Lanka.

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Banger Belles Rugby Club

As my final days of Bangkok life are coming to an end, I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to the Belles. I will miss a special group of girls who made me feel welcome. Watch our antics here!

The Banger Belles have been a great social group and rugby club over the years. With their help, my fitness and understanding of the game has improved, as well as my alcohol tolerance levels (!).

The Belles are always looking for members, so please reach out if you’re interested


Lifestyle Juicery Cleanse

logo2At the beginning of the month, I completed a six day juice cleanse from Lifestyle Juicery. While I have completed detoxes before at Ananda Resort and The Yoga Retreat in Koh Pha Ngan, this was different.

The Reasons

After my trip to Myanmar, I returned to Bangkok very tired and sick. A couple weeks back into the work routine, I started getting insane headaches and extreme tiredness. It got so bad that I would go home and sleep for two hours after work, then go to the gym or resume my plans.

Had I been glutened? Or was I just exhausted from a long and stressful work year? Did I need another holiday?

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What to do when you’ve been glutened….

gluten_is_the_enemy_rectangle_magnetThis post was originally a restaurant review of Indus on Sukhumvit Soi 26, however, the day after eating there, I experienced the worst stomach upset and brain fog that I’ve had in the last two years. I wasn’t hungry and barely ate anything, it felt like my head was full of cotton wool and I couldn’t remember a damn thing all day. Continue reading

Hair Cuts & Hair Removal – Where to go in Bangkok

Updated 14 October 2015

It’s often quite difficult to find a good hairdresser, but being an expat, it’s even more difficult to find one who speaks English and knows how to deal with non-Asian hair! Luckily there are a bunch of salons in Bangers and here’s a run-down of just a few that I’ve found and personally tried. Continue reading


The Spa Koh Chang Resort


Karang Bay, southeast part of the island

I was thinking about holiday escapes, when a colleague recommended Koh Chang to me.

The largest island in Thailand, Koh Chang is 60% untouched jungle forest and a national park. This did not surprise me as we drove south east from the pier at Dan Khao and headed towards The Spa Koh Chang Resort; the looming mountains were on the right as the coast stretched out towards the sea on my left.image

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Bangkok Osteopath Centre close to Ari BTS, Philip Hambly and his wife run a small clinic based on British Osteopathy. Struggling with hip and lower back pain that caused my awful bout with iliotibial band syndrome, my friend Ruth mentioned Dr Phil and how he had helped her and her partner.

Osteopaths are like massage therapists and chiropractors got together and had a love child; they know how the muscles join with bones and seek to solve issues without drugs or surgery.

Check out their website for more information. I highly recommend them over physiotherapy any day!




Gluten Free Beauty Products – Resources

gluten-free-symbolWhile doing my own research, I found some great resources on the interweb.

First of all, this article discusses if Gluten Free Cosmetics are really necessary for Celiacs out there. I also found this post from Darling Magazine, and I have to agree, that if I’m going to put something on my body, it’s gotta be gluten free.

Here’s some other great blogs and posts that I found:

Happy Shopping!


The Growing Paranoia – Gluten in The Body Shop

In my teens, I was an avid naturalist. I didn’t wear makeup or leather. I was a vegetarian, much to the dismay of my parents. I washed my clothes separately, using natural soap products. All of this was easy, especially since many products were available at the local health store.

Now I find myself circling back to this frame of mind. However, my paranoia is more rooted in detecting gluten, as opposed to synthetic chemicals and parabens. But this still makes me question what I am putting on my face and body.

After cleaning out the bathroom cupboard, I realized that my go-to moisturizer had gluten in it. Continue reading


The Growing Paranoia – Harmful Chemicals

While doing some research for this theme – Gluten Free Beauty Products for Spring 2014 – I came across an interesting article on how to be a sustainable shopper. I know when it comes to make up, I am less vigilant about gluten. But then I realized there’s other things I should look out for.

Sustainable shopper’s guide: 12 ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics is a great resource, from the David Suzuki Foundation. It outlines the harmful chemicals that are found in most beauty products: cleansers, moisturizers, soaps, body washes, etc.


Awesome powder, if you don’t mind a mix of 5 different parabens!

This made me realize that my True Match pressed powder didn’t contain gluten, but it did contain 5 different parabens that are highlighted as carcinogenic substances.

I also found out that the colour CI75000, which is used in blue/green shampoos and soaps, is made from coal tar and has the ability to cause cancer, as well as damage the brain if ingested (think lipstick).


Gluten Free Beauty Products

Since my last post, I have completely cleaned my flat from top to bottom. Why? I can hear you asking. Well, my flat has bugs. And not the sweet grasshopper or lady bug kind.

This super deep clean made me re-evaluate my clutter. All of my clutter. From my newspaper and magazine clippings, to my rock t-shirt collection, and even the melange of beauty products under the bathroom sink.


Where does it all come from??

Today’s post is all about those beauty products. Some I’ve bought because they were in shiny packages, others have been gifts from friends. With a little research and careful reading, I soon found out that many of my day to day products have harmful chemicals and some – GASP! – even had undetected gluten.

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