Temple Hopping & Snacking in Bagan

baganAfter a few sweaty days of motorbikes and dusty streets in Mandalay, Bagan was a refreshing feast for the eyes!

I stayed at the Bagan Umbra Hotel and was pleased with the pool and accommodation. Rooms ranged from 40-90USD depending on what you wanted. They had a newer wing with rooms overlooking the pool and I would assume that they were closer to 90USD a night. This was a great location as temples were located only a few minutes away, and Old Bagan was a quick bike ride too. Did I mention that this hotel had a pool?

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Eating in Mandalay

Friends told me not to bother with Mandalay, but I’m happy that I did. This was a nice place to start my journey to understand the life and ways of the Burmese people.

Local children on school holidays
Local children on school holidays

When I first arrived, I got the hotel sorted and then had a wander about the southeast end of the city. Most of the hotels are the same and cost around 35-50 USD a night. Continue reading