#Glutenfree #Railay


Railay is a popular place with beach goers and rock climbers. It’s a quick flight from Bangkok to Krabi, and then a taxi and boat ride to the island itself. It makes for a great long weekend getaway!

Having never been to Railay before, I thoroughly enjoyed the beach, caving and rock climbing that this funky little place provides. I was a bit hesitant about staying gluten free, but think I managed well.

My friend and I stayed at Railay Village and it was wonderful, with little villas set back from the beach in beautiful gardens. On the first night we dined on fresh grilled prawns and squid, with a side of salad and rice.IMG_4411The breakfasts got a bit same-y, but were fine for the weekend. As you can see, they had an omelette bar, fresh fruit and rice was always on the buffet.IMG_4450One night we met some other friends for dinner at their resort, however I’m not 100% sure that the green curry I ordered was gluten free. I asked for no soy or fish sauce, but I’m not always confident that the message gets received. IMG_4402Down Walking Street I found several kebab shops that sold big salads for 130. These were great for lunch on the beach or as a packed lunch. Good size portions!IMG_4406


8 thoughts on “#Glutenfree #Railay

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you I appreciate your website as I am visiting Thailand in November staying in Railay at Sea Sands and don’t know what to expect as a coeliac I am quite worried. We are also staying in Bangkok, koh Lanta and at river Kwai. I am an older coeliac celebrating my 60th birthday only diagnosed a few years back so any advice is very welcome.

  2. Lauren says:

    Thanks for your tips! I’ll add that I went to the take away shop with gluten free options this week and, perhaps because it’s rainy season, they looked at me confused and then told me they didn’t have any of those gf options. Bummer. But they made me a big salad and told me the kebab chicken was ok. Unfortunately I watched them make a kebab for my husband right after using the same tongs to touch his bread and then dip into all the veggie dishes too. Cross contamination is definitely happening (and a big prob for me), so just a heads up to folks who read this and have this issue.

    Also, any chance you know if Cheetos or other lays chips are gf in Thailand? Can’t read the labels and the ingredients look different. Would love to be able to eat some Cheetos as I can’t normally find them in Cambodia and am dying to indulge!

    • Marley says:

      I know – this type of cross-contamination happens – and not just in Thailand! I was in Australia for two weeks and was incredibly sick because of lack of understanding there. I find reading the labels is best – some chips from the US clearly say GF.

  3. If you come over to An Nang you will find gluten free food and even beer at Diver´s Inn Steakhouse. Thai and European food, even bread can be done gluten free and is on offer. The place is opp. Siam Commercial Bank, app. 150 m uproad past McDonalds.

  4. We spent 4 days this summer in Railay and there was none gluten free place, but as they most of the times speak english, is easy to make then understand that I wanted something with no soya, fish o oyster sauce. Finnally, after some complicate and silly conversation with not good undertandig, we decided to use the new thecnologies to help us: we wrotte in the google translate: I can eat soya sauce, fish sauce and oyster sauce. Cook please only with oil, and we traslate it to thai. Took a picture of the translation, and we saw them all the time. It was just perfect and easy!

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