Crave Restaurant Koh Phangan

Crave has got to be my second favourite restaurant, after World’s End Cafe.

Located on the road across 7/11 in Haad Yao, my friends told me about this place and I had to check it out!

Known for their amazing burgers and chill vibe (not to mention Jenga sets!), I ate there a few times and was never disappointed! The Western owners knew about gluten and were able to make some accommodations for me.

While they cook most things on the grill, they pan fried the white fish and Mediterranean chicken burger for me in a pan to avoid cross contamination.

Their salads were also amazing – but the best part – is that their chips are gluten free! I was in heaven!

Check these guys out for a good gluten free meal!


4 thoughts on “Crave Restaurant Koh Phangan

    • Marley says:

      Most chips (or french fries) are deep fried in shared oil – like for deep frying mozza sticks, battered fish and tempura vegetables. So, that is huge cross-contamination for chips – they can make a Celiac pretty sick!

  1. adrienne pearson says:

    Hello my 20 year old daughter Chelsea is celiac and we are heading to Phuket in March. We have been there many times but not since she was diagnosed. Any advice on where I can get gf groceries in Kata or anywhere around there? thanks Adrienne ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    • Marley says:

      Hey Adrienne, thanks for getting in touch. There are some gluten free Thai translation cards online, but small restaurants won’t understand them. She is safe with grilled meats, rice, salads, boiled eggs etc. Read my page about street food – she needs to be careful of soy sauce, Maggi sauce and oyster sauce… basically brown sauces! There are a couple Villa Markets on the island where you can buy a lot of GF stuff, including bread mixes and cereals. Good luck!

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