#Notglutenfree #Chex #Oatmeal by @Generalmills

Readers, we’ve all been there. Standing in the grocery store looking at a new product and thinking:

Do I buy it and give it a try? How do i know it’s definitely gluten free?

Well unfortunately, I purchased the Chex Gluten Free Oatmeal Variety Pack in Villa at Prom Phong and after a few days of eating it, I am regretting that decision.


Usually I purchase Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free oats and make them at home ahead of time. But I was so excited to see instant oatmeal that my reasoning faculties left me. After all, if it says ‘Gluten free’ surely it must be?

Not necessarily…..

While the article from The Savy Celiacย has some sketchy quotes about oats from the FDA, I didn’t read the message board until after I felt the symptoms of gluten poisoning. Oh I wish I had! It appears that I’m not the only person to experience this. However, according to the article, General Mills states that it has tested the oatmeal to ensure it is less than 20ppm gluten and cross-contamination issues have been addressed. However they won’t release the test results.

So why was I sick?

I found a helpful post from Gluten Free Watchdogย that stipulates the differences in wording used by US & Canada, but I’m still a bit confused. I suppose it is possible that General Mills’ oats could be at the higher end of that 20ppm guideline. Or perhaps they had a bad batch that was somehow cross contaminated.

Either way, I have sent my comments to the company with the bar codes so they can track the batch. Unfortunately I haven’t heard back from them yet. I think it’s safe to say that I will no longer purchase any General Mills products from now on…. no matter what country I’m in!

This does not bode well for General Mills as there have been recent issues with their new Gluten Free Cheerios and many have been recalled. Gluten Free Watchdog points out the issue – instead of using gluten free oats from farm to table, General Mills ‘sort’ the grains. It’s a bit tricky and General Mills use superfluous and careful wording in their statements, but I think that Gluten Dude does a good job of cutting through the B*!!$#!T of their corporate chat.


Happily, unhappily, the Chex brand of oatmeal is being removed from shelves due to a lack of sales. Gluten Free Living says that it has stopped being made and shipping will commence in October 2015.


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