Sloane’s #glutenfree #sausages

imageLiving and eating in Bangkok has just become easier!

Friends of mine recently found this gluten free sausage in Ari Villa and picked it up for me. Apparently, Sloane’s does a few different types of gluten free sausages which are available in several grocery stores around Bangkok and for delivery from Passion Delivery and Paleo Robbie. Sloane’s also regularly frequents the Farmer’s Markets in the city.

I emailed the owner Joe, and he said “I myself have a nut allergy and understand the importance of knowing what’s in our food” and he assured me that many Celiacs regulary purchase his sausages. There are a range of other meat products available on their website as well.

The great thing about Sloane’s is that they use quality pork which has had a happy life. There’s no additives or preservatives, meaning that their products are fresh and crafted with quality.

Their Butifarra, Chorizo and Bratwurst sausages are all gluten free. He did also mention that if you’d like some other type of sausage to be made without bread, you can make a request. Hello pork and apple 🙂


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