@Paleorobbie Bangkok’s Paleo Provider

I don’t know about you gluten free folk, but I can’t eat at my school’s canteen, or the soup stalls down the road. I usually spend Sundays cooking and preparing my lunches for the week, but I want my Sundays back!


Some of the girls at work order from Health Box and other food delivery services, although the problem with them is that they don’t normally offer gluten free food, nor do they say that their kitchen is safe from cross-contamination.

So what is a Celiac girl to do?

*Enter Paleo Robbie – Bangkok’s only Paleo diet meal delivery service!

Say what? Gluten free, Paleo food already prepared – and delivered to my work in time for lunch?!

The meals are 300-400 Thai baht and are delivered every day – which mean they are fresh and completely free from additives and preservatives! Every Wednesday they release the menu for the upcoming week and you select your meals from 3-5 different options. These include all meaty fish and fauna, including salmon fish cakes, grilled tuna, stuffed chicken, lamb meatballs, short ribs, sausages, beef stew and more (I know I’m forgetting something and that the chef has a huge range of ideas that haven’t been sampled yet!)


Seared tuna with tomato salsa, sweet potato gnocchi and basil pesto

What I like best is that ALL their food IS gluten free! Yippee! So I don’t have to worry about getting sick! Plus they deliver all over Bangkok.

And if you love their food as much as I do, you can order from their online grocery as well – check that out here.

On a personal note, I was told by my Doc that I should eat more meat because my blood pressure and iron were really low. Hesitant to eat the meat here due to hormones and added chemicals, I decided to go veggie and have been before in my life. But that doctor’s appointment made me realize I had to do something different now that my fitness activities have changed. Over the past couple of weeks I started with fish, then gradually introduced chicken and red meat. My energy levels are back, I’m not feeling as tired and I’ve cut down carbs – I’ve lost 5lbs – wtf veggies?


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