#Glutenfree #Emquartier – Bangkok’s Newest Mall

For the whole time that I’ve lived here, the area around Prom Phong BTS was always under construction. However, last month the prestigious Emquartier shopping experience drastically changed the Bangkok skyline. Situated in three buildings, this shopping centre has everything!

Gourmet Market

My first stop was the Gourmet Market to see what gluten free goodies I could find. While you do have to walk the aisles a bit, I did find a good range of Bob’s Red Mill, Orgran and Well & Good products. You need to go down the baking aisle for those. There was also some gluten free pasta and cereals down their specific aisles as well.


Walking around the shop I found crisps, rice crackers and some delicious coconut milk ice cream which is both dairy and gluten free! I also love that they have a big selection of cold-pressed juices.


Ground Floor

On the bottom floor there is a lovely stand with fresh mango and sticky rice. They serve some other Thai sweets, such as sago and black beans in coconut milk. Definitely worth a taste!


Nearby is also Jones the Grocer which had one gluten free dish, but next door they were selling gluten free pasta. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an English speaking manager at the time, but it would be worth asking if they could substitute their pasta.


imageAnother spot I found was Ceret which is owned by Chris. I was able to ask him about the menu (he speaks lovely English) and he said that he understands the need for gluten free as his niece is allergic to gluten. He said that any dish on the menu could be accommodated for, however servers may not understand, so it’s best to speak with him or to a chef.

In the middle of my shopping I fancied a cuppa, so stopped in at TWG. Their menu offers serveral salads and meat dishes which are naturally gluten free, but it is good to check with the manager that the kitchen understands. I’ve had several meals at different TWG locations and have always been fine afterwards.


Now, in the Helix building there is a basement with your typical food court fare. I didn’t find much, besides Partyland Frozen Yogurt. However, on floors 6 and 7 there are a range of interesting looking restaurants that might suit your needs. Friends told me about Gram which serves up desserts, salads and light dishes. While their smoothies and yogurts are ok, the owner could not 100% guarantee that the oats used in the granola were gluten free. She said that sometimes they use Bob’s Red Mill, other times they use producers from Australia. Because I couldn’t get a definitive answer, I stuck with a smoothie.

Enjoy shopping!


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