Hair Cuts & Hair Removal – Where to go in Bangkok

Updated 14 October 2015

It’s often quite difficult to find a good hairdresser, but being an expat, it’s even more difficult to find one who speaks English and knows how to deal with non-Asian hair! Luckily there are a bunch of salons in Bangers and here’s a run-down of just a few that I’ve found and personally tried.

125329_9cfba60838f34f5b84b51742e70c7bc1James Mac

tel 02 663-7399

James & Justin are simply amazing! I’ve been to see them twice and had heard about them from two colleagues who couldn’t stop praising them. At first I went in for a cut to fix what I called ‘dog flaps’ around my face and James did a great job personalizing my hair to suit my style. The second time, just recently, James toned down my ‘Thai highlights’ and made my colour multi-tonal and lovely. While I was at the salon, two women came in to have their hair fixed – one had a bad straightening job and the other woman had a horrendous cut and colour combo. James & Justin will make you feel lovely and comfortable – and they are experts when it comes to expat hair. They are superheroes in their own right 🙂 🙂

Zen Red

tel 08 3600 6176

Located a bit out of the way, but if you take the MRT to Queen Sirikit, you can easily get a taxi down to Monopoly Park. Their website lists all the services available, including high quality hair extensions, colour, perms, permanent straightening and many others. The owner and manager speak very good English and they have a huge ferrang clientele.

Fan Fan

tel 08 1171 8187

This is another great salon, the owner Frank is French and has been living here for years. While the prices are a bit more, shall we say European, he always does a great job and several of my friends are regular customers. I find that Frank always knows what’s on trend and can manage curly/frizzy/more difficult hair. The salon is nestled down Sukhumvit soi 31 but is very easy to get to.

In terms of waxing, that is a completely different kettle of fish. Most spa places that you pass will advertise waxing, but I can tell  you that quantity is definitely not quantity! I’ve seen one pot of wax used on many customers, which leaves butterflies in my stomach! You need to use your discretion here, as sometimes you will find poor hygiene, poor quality or end up with a skin condition. Here’s 2 places that I frequent and recommend to others:

Logo_3604The Waxing Bar

This place is great for Brazilians and the like. While it is a bit more expensive, a Hollywood will set you back 1,800 baht or full legs 1,400 baht, they are very friendly and accommodating at this spa. You are greeted with a cold drink and then taken to a private room. All of their waxes are new for each client, so you don’t have to worry about double dipping. Afterwards, you may shower and finish off the session with herbal tea.

The Strip (Ministry of Wax)

I found this place recently and was very impressed with their service and central location. A Brazillian was 1600 baht, but they were professional and for some reason the wax they used did not seem to be as painful as some other experiences! Located in Central Embassy by Phloen Chit BTS, they can be found on the 4th floor near the Aveda Salon & Anastasia shop.


3 thoughts on “Hair Cuts & Hair Removal – Where to go in Bangkok

  1. Stephane de Charnage says:

    hairdresser: Stephane de Charnage, sukhumvit 31. been here 20 years treat all kind of hair from african to asian, super tick to super thin. 28 years of experience, graduate n#7 of France. by appointment only.

  2. Dana says:

    Bit out of date now but there are a few new places worth a mention for Westerners wanting to get a decent haircut or color treatment in Bangkok.
    Zenred is still great and still gets my vote, but for those who live near the Sukhumvit line.

    Zahara Salon Sukhumvit 13 – very skilled hairstylists that really know hoe to work on blonde highlights,balayage and some good hair treatments like Brazilian Blowouts there too. Some amazing hair extensions my friend got there a few weeks back also worth checking out.

    Savanna Salon Ploenchit BTS – Really easy to get too, my new fave Bangkok salon. They do excellent color and cuts and they have a Nail lounge upstairs. So gel nails Galore there too. Notable mention they will let you order SPanish tapas to eat in your salon chair here, and the Salon Spa chairs upstairs have digital back massage. All very luxurious inside and not OTT Prices, still reasonable considering the area.

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