…Heading to Myanmar… but will I survive?

tf_141210_Myanmar 1

Temples galore!

Holidays are always an exciting venture – you’re never really sure what you will see, eat or experience. While this excites me, it also petrifies me to the core because at the back of my mind I am always thinking:

Will I get glutened? How many days will I be sick for?

How will I survive?

This next trip is taking me to Myanmar where a friend and I will fly into Mandalay, take a riverboat to Bagan and then an overnight train to Yangon, returning to Bangkok by air. I have tried to prepare myself by researching the local cuisine and looking for restaurant recommendations online.

Below are some of the sites I found to help me. I will report back (with pictures) when we return from the trip (hopefully alive and well!)

Lonely Planet ‘s Guide – “Eating in Myanmar”

Lonely Planet’s “Food Memories: a taste of home in Myanmar”

Very Good Food UK site

Glutenfree Globally – Yangon & Bagan

Celiac Travel 

Despite doing the research, I won’t know really what to expect until we get there. However, these are some of the rules I stick to when I’m travelling and if I’m unsure of their gluten-free-ness:

  • Always order rice, hard boiled eggs and steamed veg
  • Eat as much fresh fruit and nuts as possible
  • Avoid anything deep-fried as it is often cross-contaminated
  • Avoid grilled meats, but whole fish is ok (because of the skin)
  • Order things with sauces on the side
  • Be wary of noodles as often rice and wheat noodles are boiled in the same hot water
  • Pack snacks that won’t melt (ie. peanut butter, rice crackers, pureed fruit, nut bars etc).

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “…Heading to Myanmar… but will I survive?

    • Marley says:

      Omelettes, rice, vegetable curries, coconuts, sprite… Just beware of the sauces – I once ordered steam vegetables and they came with oyster sauce! Definitely not gluten free!

      • Barry says:

        Thanks, leaving for an 11 day your on Saturday will try and follow your advice. Any other hints on general points welcomed

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