While in Chiangmai…. Check out Best Trip Cooking School!

1384235_10100622427593126_1750538996_nI first went to Chiangmai in October 2013 and have been itching to go back. It was such a lovely little place where I felt welcome and had a good choice of gluten free restaurants!

I was lucky enough to find Best Trip Cooking School, where for 1,000THB the owner, Neung, picked me up from my hotel and took me to a local market. There, she explained many of the ingredients we would need for our recipes.


There’s so many different kinds of rice!


These little pancake things were delicious! Made with rice flour and coconut milk, they were salt and sweet!


Pressing a coconut for fresh coconut milk!

Then we drove out to her house in the country, which was very relaxing! We spent the day chatting and cooking.

I learned how to make:

Did I mention that I made enough food for the next day? I certainly didn’t go hungry on this trip!


The teacher became the student!

At the end of the day, Neung asked me how to make proper pancakes. Of course, I had to show her Canadian pancakes and crepes!


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