El Gaucho – Sukhumvit Soi 19

2168Now I’m not a meat-eater, but I was coerced into visiting this famed Argentinian steakhouse (link here) last week for a friend’s leaving do. I was promised salad, fish and wine, and so I arrived on time with a placid smile on my face.eg4614_0

The decor is really quite nice and I enjoyed the wine selection. I was a little dismayed at first, when the English speaking water looked at me searchingly when I said “gluten free please.” After a little explanation, he steered me towards the baked snowfish (I think it was cod) with mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. It was pretty good, I can’t lie! My friends had two different types of burgers and reported that they were amazing.

I was hesitant to order anything off of the grill, but I don’t think they use BBQ sauces on the grill. This would definitely be something to ask if you plan on visiting!

baked snowfish


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