Gluten Free Hua Hin

This is one of my favourite weekend spots. Only a couple hours away from Bangkok, Hua Hin has a beach, delectable seafood and a very calm atmosphere. If you’ve read my post on Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, then you know the other reason I like to go!

The Villa Market on Soi 84 has plenty of gluten free items – it’s much better stocked than my local one! They had bread mixes, pancake mixes, cookies, cereals, cereal bars, gluten free hummus, soups and rice cakes. In short, if you get stuck down in Hua Hin for awhile, there’s enough snack food to keep you going!

In terms of eating around Hua Hin, there are enough Western style restaurants that you could easily avoid soy sauce and fish sauce. Just be careful about BBQs and grills – sauces can contaminate them.


Steamed seafood, salads and baked potatoes usually are my staples here. Breakfasts can be a little trickier as most hotels offer buffets included in their prices. The variety at my hotel was pretty rubbish, but I managed to survive on boiled eggs, rice, salad and fresh fruits.

While on this little vacay, I found The Moon Terrace completely by accident. Situated on the pier at the north end of the beach, I was hot and bothered, so I popped into the shade to read their menu. I went in just before lunch and found that a guy named Seen, spoke really good English. After a quick chat with him about gluten, I made a reservation for my friends and I. He was so kind that he didn’t charge us a corking fee when we brought our own wine to the restaurant (trust me, we had plenty on us!). Highly recommend The Moon Terrace!



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