Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

imageFor one of the May long weekends, friends and I went down toimage the seaside town of Hua Hin. I’d been once before, but this was when I first arrived and wasn’t too clued up on the gluten situation. With a little bit of knowledge and foresight, I was able to make this trip a gluten free one.

The main purpose of this mini-vacay was to visit the vineyard, which I had first read about in the Expat Ladies magazine. I thought to myself, what a civilized way to spend an afternoon!image

After visiting the website, I was able to get into touch with imageK. Chiraphan, who is the manager. After a few emails back and forth, she was able to liaise with the Chef about a suitable gluten free (dairy, soy and meat free too) meal.

My friends and I were picked up in Hua Hin at the Villa Market on soi 84, then delivered to the vineyard. We were met by friendly staff and a refreshingly cool grape juice, followed by a tour of the vineyard. We found out that the soil is extremely fertile and due to the climate, they are fortunate to have two annual yields of grapes.

With the tour finished, we headed up to Sala Restaurant for our three course lunch! My friends were offered Caesar salad or spicy seafood salad.

I started with a roast pumpkin soup. This went well with their trademark Colombard.imageThe second course for my friends was either a pork chop or wild salmon with a fruit salsa.


I had a special beet and apple salad with fresh herbs from the garden. It was lovely and not too filling. I had the rose with this, but I’m not a fan of rose.


For dessert, everyone had some grape sorbet with wafers, sorry, I’d had a few glasses of wine by this point and forgot to take a picture. I was served a sort of fruit salad, with a jasmine and butterfly pea sauce.


Overall, it was a really lovely day and one where I didn’t have to stress about being glutened. Everyone at Hua Hin Hills was so helpful, my friends and I would happily visit again.


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