Ananda Resort – Detox #2 Koh Phangan


Hin Kong Bay sunset

Last July I did my first detox at The Yoga Retreat. It was difficult. I experienced everything from nausea, to stomach cramps, to blinding headaches and of course, energy lag.

So why have I volunteered to do it again? Oh, there are so many reasons!

For starters, it is a great chance to give your digestive system a break, especially after three months of poor exercise, questionable food choices, work stress and emotional strain. And I could tell my stomach has been feeling these effects.

It is a chance for your body to recover from the toxins you consume and regenerate new cells. Yes, it might be painful for a few days, but there is research that shows detox programs and fasting are beneficial for organ health and longevity.


Ananda’s Love Kitchen

At the end of my detox I had lost a couple pounds, as well, I felt more energetic and positive. It felt like a lot of negativity I had completely went away. I was excited to buy organic fruits and veg, look after my health and even start this blog. I resolved to make some healthy life resolutions, including doing a detox once a year.

Retreating to my favourite island, Koh Phangan, I chose to stay at Ananda Resort this time. Located just 5kms from Thong Salad, it is situated on Hin Kong beach. This island is so eclectic – it is the only place I travel to where I don’t have to worry about food and eating, as I know where to find gluten free safe-havens.


The thing I liked most about Ananda, is that they offer packages covering the essentials – there’s a salt water pool, herbal steam room, herbs, yoga, massages, wifi and chill out areas. And this is all included in their detox price!

I am quite impressed that it was so organised. Despite the fact that there are many people here on detoxes, the colonics, massages and drinks are all ready on time. It is great too, that they have separated the detox bar for the main restaurant, so you don’t feel tempted when on the program.


The staff are really helpful and sweet. I definitely appreciated the advice and guidance of the manager Villy, the counsellor Katie and the detox bar operator, Noah.

I have a feeling that they will be seeing me again next year!

Now, to the detox itself:

The day I arrived, I had already started fasting (only rice and veg for breakfast), so I was feeling pretty tired by the time I showed up. Day 1 was pretty awful too. I couldn’t move and I had an earth shattering headache that would have put Ozzy Osbourn to shame.

However, Days 2-4 were ok. I woke up feeling groggy, but after a shake, some herbs, a massage and coffee colema, things would always look up. I was quite thankful to have some good companions on the detox too – staying at the resort is definitely better than travelling back and forward.

Days 6-7 were the hardest as I, once again, did the liver detox. This is where you drink a pint glass filled with olive oil and lime juice. While it did produce some interesting results, I did not feel the same energy spike as when I did it last year. Perhaps my year of veggieness and no alcohol has been beneficial for my liver!

Anyway, at the end of it all, I lost a total of 4.2kgs. When I looked at my journal, I realised that 66kgs was my weight after the detox last August. Seems like the universe is telling me this is my ideal body weight. Ok universe, transmission heard!



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