Gluten Free Bread Challenge


I miss this bread!

A month ago, I had the best Thursday ever. When I showed up to work, there were three bright orange Sainsbury’s bags waiting for me. Inside of them were gluten-free items I haven’t had in over two years, including: fluffy brown sandwich bread, pita bread, rosemary focaccia bread, and crumpets.

Since moving to Thailand, I have only really baked and eaten two gluten-free bread mixes. These are the Yes You Can Multigrain Bread and the Spring Hill Farms bread mixes. You can find more information on my reviews of gluten-free bread here.

While the Yes You Can bread is quite easy to make as you don’t have to wait for the yeast to rise it has a slightly eggy taste. I have also found that my stomach has difficulty breaking down the seeds. I have opted to put the mix in my food processor to mill the seeds, instead.

The Spring Hill Farms bread was my favorite for a while, as it has a nice outside texture, smell, and taste. Although, I grew tired of it getting hard after a day or two, especially when it takes a good two hours to make this bread. All the effort did not seem to add up to the end product. This mix is best used as a pizza base or buns which you can freeze and take out when you’re ready to bake.

So this leaves me at my current conundrum: how can I make a good bread that tastes excellent, does not fall apart for sandwiches, and makes a nice toast?

Living in Thailand certainly has it’s challenges. Unlike Canada or the UK, ingredients like Xanthum gum, agar agar and sorghum flour are hard to come by. Sunshine Market does have a few of them, but I have boycotted them because they have glutened me twice. So what’s a girl to do?

I can find Yes You Can & Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flours in my local Villa. They usually have buckwheat flour too. At my local Topps they normally sell white and brown rice flours, but some recipes call for glutinous rice flour. Will that be gluten free, if is it milled here in Thailand? I have no idea! I shall endeavour to find out.

Anyway, back to the point, this website lists 20 gluten free bread recipes that I shall experiment with.Β

I am going to try this one first. I will substitute the flours with 3 cups of the Yes You Can gluten free flour.Β

Stay tuned for some updates!


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