Gluten Free No7 – Thank You Boots!

Have you ever gone on holiday only to find that your make up was running down your face? Luckily, when I first moved to Thailand from the UK, I didn’t have that problem. The reason? No7 Essentially Natural Mineral Foundation with SPF 15.$T2eC16J,!)sE9swm(v0lBRT)5,1CuQ~~60_35

I love how this gives light coverage, while protecting you from a bit of sun. I used this every day when I lived in the UK. Unfortunately, it is not available in Thailand and is no longer being produced in the UK.

But now, I’ve switched to No7 Beautifully Matte liquid foundation with similar results. This foundation stays on, feels light, and keeps the shine away despite the humidity and temperatures of Bangkok. I’m also quite thankful because ALL NO7 PRODUCTS ARE GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!

imageThis is a huge relief as I’ve tried The Body Shop liquid foundations and find that they literally fall off my face after being outside for a few minutes.

Before I tried the Beautifully Matte, I emailed Boots and they confirmed that all No7 products are gluten free. Thanks Boots!!



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