The Growing Paranoia – Gluten in The Body Shop

In my teens, I was an avid naturalist. I didn’t wear makeup or leather. I was a vegetarian, much to the dismay of my parents. I washed my clothes separately, using natural soap products. All of this was easy, especially since many products were available at the local health store.

Now I find myself circling back to this frame of mind. However, my paranoia is more rooted in detecting gluten, as opposed to synthetic chemicals and parabens. But this still makes me question what I am putting on my face and body.

After cleaning out the bathroom cupboard, I realized that my go-to moisturizer had gluten in it.


How often have I put it on my face and accidentally licked my lips or pillow? The Seaweed Mattifying Day & Night Cream have oats! NOOOO!!! I found this information out from Gluten Free Bumble Bee’s post on The Body Shop. She even has a list of gluten free products.

These are some items I regularly use from The Body Shop and I am happy to report that they’re gluten free!

image image

This is helpful and hopeful news! I personally like The Body Shop as they use fair trade items and avoid many of the ‘dirty dozen’ chemicals listed in David Suzuki’s paper.



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