The Growing Paranoia – Harmful Chemicals

While doing some research for this theme – Gluten Free Beauty Products for Spring 2014 – I came across an interesting article on how to be a sustainable shopper. I know when it comes to make up, I am less vigilant about gluten. But then I realized there’s other things I should look out for.

Sustainable shopper’s guide: 12 ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics is a great resource, from the David Suzuki Foundation. It outlines the harmful chemicals that are found in most beauty products: cleansers, moisturizers, soaps, body washes, etc.


Awesome powder, if you don’t mind a mix of 5 different parabens!

This made me realize that my True Match pressed powder didn’t contain gluten, but it did contain 5 different parabens that are highlighted as carcinogenic substances.

I also found out that the colour CI75000, which is used in blue/green shampoos and soaps, is made from coal tar and has the ability to cause cancer, as well as damage the brain if ingested (think lipstick).


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