My Go-To Flour Mix

Hello Readers, I’m so sorry for my hiatus. I’m not sure what happened, what with travel, work and the protests; I have neglected the blog. So let me update you on something new.

What flour do you use to make pancakes, crepes, tortillas and/or naan?

I have taken the Bob’s Red Mill GF Pancake Mix and made some additions –ย I’ve added equal parts buckwheat flour and GF Oat Flour (which I ground myself using my food processor).

When I first made the pancakes, they tasted awful. Perhaps it was the chickpea flour, I’m not sure. Then I experimented with buckwheat flour and realized it had quite a nice taste, but lacked puffiness. My friend suggested oats to help bulk up the protein factor, which makes this a great breakfast staple.


This flour works well for several recipes:

  • pancakes (add less liquid – soy milk, milk or water to keep them thick and fluffy, plus some vanilla essence and cinnamon)
  • crepes (sweet and savoury)
  • tortilla wrappers (I add a little white rice flour too)
  • naan bread (I add salt and fake eggs to get it fluffy, sometimes chopped cilantro, garlic and onion)

It’s much cheaper than buying all the prepackaged flour mixes and nutritious – more protein and fibre! I find, as well, that I’m fuller for longer because of the oats. Happy experimenting!


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