Whole Earth


Found this on my Nancy Chandler map and it was only a stone’s throw from my hotel. Craving some veggie curriness, I stopped by here for dinner one night. You can find it on Sridornchai, between Sois 1&2.

This restaurant is very cute as it’s set in an old Thai style house. There was plenty of seating and you can tell it is a busy place. Luckily, I stopped by around 5pm, because I’m really a geriatric person! Nah, I just get up early, run, have two breakfasts then a light snack and dinner.


Sweet Thai decor

The food was scrummy and there was a wonderful waiter who spoke very good English because he studied in Switzerland. We talked a lot!

Anyway, I ordered palak paneer, plain rice and a spicy veggie curry. It was mid-price, each dish was 160 thb. But the food was good and I would certainly stop by again!


Ooh the lemongrass tea was divine!


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