Butter is Better Diner & Bakery


Cute 1950s diner

Thank goodness for Trip Advisor! This was my first food stop in Chiang Mai and it was about 5 mins from my hotel. It’s down Chang Klan, on the south side of the Sridornchai intersection. In fact, you should be able to see it from Pantip Plaza.


Wahey! Gluten free buckwheat pancakes!

Butter is Better boasts gluten free bread, cakes and of course, the pancakes as mentioned.


Some gluten free cakes, but I was too scared to try them!

I would recommend a smoothie and the buckwheat pancakes for a hearty breakfast. Since it was around lunch when I first arrived, I ordered the lentil and spinach soup. This came with some delicious gluten free toast.


Mmmm lentils

I was half way through the first slice of toast when I thought: Was this toasted in a wheat toaster? Bugger… And sure enough, it was. The owner was really lovely and brought me some untoasted and uncontaminated bread, but I spent the rest of the day worried that this cross-contamination would ruin the rest of my week.

The next day wasn’t great, but I got plenty of rest and fluids, plus took in some live yoghurt to help repair my stomach.

As a result, I started to consider the home-made ‘gluten free’ signs I saw on baked items in other restaurants. How are you ever 100% sure items are gluten free? This will plague me back home in Canada too. The only time I was unequivocally sure, was in Koh Phangan at World’s End because the chef herself suffered from a gluten intolerance.


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