Blue Diamond Breakfast Club


Hiding from the rain

After a 7km moat run and a light breakfast at my hotel, I decided I needed some proper nourishment. Trip Advisor highlighted this restaurant for its baked goods and organic veg. You can find it on Moon Muang Soi 9.

As the rain chucked down, I sought shelter at Blue Diamond Breakfast Club and tucked into a healthy smoothie made from orange juice, passion fruit, spirulina and goji berries. Then I opted for some pan fried hash browns and their ‘mango salsa’ – which was actually more of a salad.


Not bad for a second breakfast!

I was happy to see a range of gluten free baked goods, but upon further inspection, I decided not to try them out. Having already experienced cross-contamination from Butter is Better I decided to play it safe.

And I’m happy I did. The blueberry muffins were made from oat flour and rice flour, however the owner could not guarantee that the oat flour was gluten free. As well, the brownies were made from some unidentified chocolate company, again causing me some concern. The owner, bless her or curse her, told me to try one of the muffins for free, and if I was ok, I could come back and buy some. She didn’t seem to understand there was a possibility I would spend the next 2-3 days in bed!

I had also read a review on Trip Advisor that someone with Celiac Disease had had the brown rice rolls, only to spend the next few days seriously sick. So I avoided those as well!

This is a great little cafe with wifi and some very fresh veg. I would recommend it to anyone, but if you’re Celiac like me, perhaps stay away from the baked goods. I am personally quite sensitive to gluten now – even 1/2 tsp of soy sauce aggravates my stomach. However, if you’re sensitivity is not as acute, you could give them a try.

Unfortunately, gluten-free diets are still somewhat misunderstood in Asia. The ‘mai pen rai’ (it doesn’t really matter / no worries) mantra is not helpful for people with Celiac Disease!


2 thoughts on “Blue Diamond Breakfast Club

  1. Kristýna Kvardová says:

    Dear Marley,

    thank you for your posts and reviews. I and in Thailand for about three weeks now and I am also a celiac person.
    We have been staying in Ao Nang so far. If you or anybody who must watch the gluten come here, beware a restaurant that looks italian and it offers so called gluten free tiramisu! I highly doubt it! I had two pieces of it and next day I was ‘dead’ and out of service. I am also little bit disappointed about the food in general, I thought it would be easier to eat here than in Europe. But thank you for your tips in Chiang Mai, we are going there in few days.

    Good luck with diet and everything.


    • Marley says:

      Well, I’m happy you got some useful information here. A lot of the posh hotels do well to accommodate you. I find with the budget places that hard boiled eggs, rice and fresh veggies have always gotten me through!

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