The Sanctuary – Another Reason to Love Koh Phangan

Recently, a reader of Gluten Free Thailand asked me about gluten free resorts in Thailand. I was clueless; usually I just book somewhere cheap and then sort out dining as I go. If there are gluten free restaurants, then I am happy and go back. If not, I suffer with plain veggies and rice.

Well, The Sanctuary in Koh Phangan knows how to deal with gluten-free diets, which is another great reason to visit my favourite island!


Lovely views

In an email response, they said:

We have a lot of gluten-free options available (including cakes!), but the staff in the restaurant won’t necessarily be able to tell you which dish is gluten-free – but myself and Nolan, who manages the kitchen and bar, will!

So I would suggest that when you arrive, we sit down and make it very clear what contains what and what is safe to order. We have a wide selection of raw dishes on our cleansing menu so it should be fairly straightforward!

However I would suggest that choosing dishes and asking the kitchen to leave in or out certain ingredients, could lead to problems – many things lost in translation, etc – so you will have to bear with us and more or less stick to what the menu offers… though Nolan may well cook up some special dishes on your behalf!


I am also a fan of The Sanctuary as this is where some friends of mine were married last year.


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