Happy Thanksgiving!


A Thanksgiving favourite

This year I am thankful for several things:

  • my sanity and happy tummy
  • the health and happiness of my friends and family
  • finally figuring out the key to gluten free bread

Springhill Farms gluten free bread mix

Overall, it’s been a tough year, but progress has been made. Without getting too personal, I would like to share how you can make some good gluten free bread. A good place to start is on my previous post on bread mixes.

Today I was lucky enough to do this right! I thought about my other bread experiments and put all that knowledge together.

When making your bread, keep these things in mind:

1. Activate the yeast

This means using warm water (not boiling) to get it working. Mix it with a fork until it becomes frothy. Most mixes tell you to use a mix of warm and cold water, so add the warm water to the mix first, then then the cold. Watch this video.

2. Do not pour all of the mix into the mixing bowl!

As you’re mixing (probably with your hands, a potato masher or a dough mixer), gradually add in the rest of the flour.

3. Follow the measurements exactly!

My eye-balling technique has left me disappointed seven times (because I’m an idiot). Today I finally followed the instructions!


Now the bedroom smells like bread…

4. Allow the bread to rise in a warm place for an hour

I cover mine with a slightly damp tea towel, then place it in a sunny spot.

5. Cover your hands in oil

When it comes to kneading, coat your hands first in oil to prevent the dough from sticking to them.


This is the fun part – kneading it back down into shape!

6. Keep the oven door shut!!!!

Both of my grandmas used to shout at me for this one! Follow your timings, but check 10-15 mins before the final time. Tap your bread to see if it is finished. If it sounds hollow, then it is done.


Wow, that’s the best looking loaf yet!

Hopefully with these tips you will have some bread success too!


I use a smaller tin than the recipe calls for – hence the hunchback look here.


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