Aryaa’s Pure Indian Vegetarian – Nana Soi 8

Nana BTS (I did not go here)

Nana BTS

This restaurant was also recommended to me, but by a fellow GF. She said ‘get the dosa!’ I had noticed before, when being a tour guide for some friends in the city – they have a location in the Nana BTS station as well. For dinner though, I recommend climbing down the steps and going in.


When we first sat down, I was a bit worried as two servers came over and did not understand what I was trying to say about wheat. Finally, someone came over and was able to answer all my questions. Unfortunately, I did not get his name! Anyway, he explained that all the wheat products (naan and puffed wheat) are cooked in the tandoori oven, so anything that is deep-fried is safe to eat. Patiently, he clarified that most of the items were naturally gluten free, as Indian cooking mostly uses  bean and rice flours.

Of course you can imagine my elation! My friend and I went  a little nuts, ordering 7 dishes when most people only ordered one or two. Amateurs!

I highly recommend their special curry – which was a little sweet and savoury – with cashews and apples. Also, we loved the dal and curd vada (lentil dough nuts).


The dosa (thin and crispy)


2 thoughts on “Aryaa’s Pure Indian Vegetarian – Nana Soi 8

  1. Shari says:

    Did you like the dosa? Which one is that? I always get the masala paper dosa and it comes in a super long tube (hanging way over both sides of the plate). I also love the vada because it’s the closest thing I ever get to a donut!

    • Marley says:

      I ordered the onion dosa, which looked a bit like a pancake. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the one in hone picture! I should have written it down!

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