Why I love Waitrose


Whilst living in the UK I was spoiled for choice when it came to gluten free foods. I never shopped at the posh food shops, like Waitrose or Marks & Spencer. However, now living in Bangkok, I become very excited when I see their products on the shelves. But why?

After doing some research on my fave GF shopping sites (Gluten Overflow, Grocery Girls, Gluternative and Ocado), I have come to realize that Waitrose and M&S products are gluten free friendly. Trying to find out if the haricot beans were gf, I first searched Ocado and was happy to see that they were safe. Just to be extra cautious, I started playing around on the Waitrose site.

I was relieved to learn that they have responsible labelling practices:

“If a Waitrose product contains gluten, this will be clearly marked in the allergen information panel on the back of pack, and the source of the gluten will be listed in the ingredients list. You can also check online by clicking on the product in the Waitrose Deliver section of the website. A list of Waitrose products which do not contain gluten is available online also.”

More information on Celiac Disease and how Waitrose labels its products is available here.

Gluten free product pdf download from waitrose – september 2013

This makes me so happy! I have been questioning the GF factor of nuts, lentils, nut flours, canned and dried fruit the whole time! Now I know that I can happily buy Waitrose products for baking and cooking! Oh happy day! Most Topps supermarkets stock their products 🙂


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