Saras – Sukhumvit soi 20

This girl loves variety!

This girl loves variety!

Delicious desserts, as you can see from the pictures. I loved how there was so much variety – this is the best way to do desserts, in small bites so you can get the most flavour!

Yes, the silver stuff is edible

Yes, the silver stuff is edible

I tried 6 different sweets:

Kalakand – made of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese

Coconut ladoo – basically a coconut macaroon without flour

Dhoda – a mix of milk, honey, ghee, nuts and fruits. Quite similar to the milk cake, but slightly sweeter

Milk cake – tasted like a semi-sweet fudge and had a similar consistency

Mawa Cham Cham Β – kind of like a mini hotdog. The outside is sweetened milk and lemon flavoured, then stuffed with some pistachios and more sugar!

Honey Kaju – I was skeptical of this one because of the silver on the side, but I was reassured you could eat it! This one had a soft orange flavour, sweetened with honey and cashews in the centre.


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