Weekly Gluten Free Shopping Basket

My friends are often curious about what I buy week to week. They always exclaim that my lunches look healthy, the morning muffins are delicious and that I am snacking all the time.

Just because I have Celiac disease does not mean I don’t eat!

Sure, I went through a phase of eating nothing but fruit and rice due to an overwhelming paranoia of getting sick. But that was short lived and ridiculous.

I tend to make my own salsa and guacamole as Tostitos, Doritos etc. cannot confirm their salsas are gluten free.

Since most cheese is imported from the US, I trust Kraft and Sargento cheeses as are they are gluten free.

Here are the things I buy regularly (at Villa or Topps in Bangkok):





It’s important to buy the imported stock cubes as the Thai ones are NOT gluten free!!


Guilty pleasure!


Great with cream cheese and smoked salmon


Another indulgence… I only buy these for travel now


Weekly staple. Look for the Beanz imported from the UK or Australia.

Growing up on the farm, we used to mix flax seed into the horses’ food. Now, twenty years later, I’m eating it for my mane too!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Gluten Free Shopping Basket

  1. I think they are all GMO mate. I know that Skippy is. Much better to buy “Healthy Mate” Peanut Butter made locally in Thailand has no extra chemicals or dodgy ingredients (just 99% nuts and 1% sea salt) You can find it at Topps Market in the larger cities. These Topps usually stock the US Brand “Peanut Butter and Co” too, which is organic.

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