Chez Charlie – Sukhumvit Soi 19


What’s French for ‘posh nosh’?

So I spent last Saturday doing the typical errands you do on payday: hair do, eye lash extension, pedicure and GF shopping. Whilst walking up from Take Care on Soi 19, I strolled past Chez Charlie. Now, this was not the first time I had walked by this little French bistro and thought it charming.

What drew me in was their ‘Organic Salads and Market Soups’ – taking me back to London’s Borough Market on a busy Saturday. As soon as I walked in, a lovely server greeted me in English and I explained the whole GF thing to her. She recommended a goat cheese salad and it was awesome! Presentation was lovely and included a huge mix of vegetables I don’t normally find in restaurant salads.

Would definitely recommend this place to hungry Celiacs out there. The server also said that the crepes were made with buckwheat flour, so perhaps next time I pop in I’ll give one of those a try.

Also, get a smoothie!



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