Gluten Free Shopping Tips

Don’t you put it in your mouth….

We all  know that eating fresh produce and fruit is the way to a healthier diet. But have you ever thought about the ‘real price of convenience’? I regularly buy cut up fruit from street vendors in Bangkok because I know they cut it right there and gluten isn’t around for miles. I tend to avoid store-prepared fruits though. Do you know why?

Cross-contamination is the big danger for Celiacs. I myself have been accidentally glutened several times, because somewhere along the way, my food has come in contact with that nasty little protein. Let’s think about the neatly chopped bits of fruit in cellophane. Was it cut and prepared on cutting boards used for bread? How about that bag of frozen peas – did it sit on the same conveyor belt as some wheaty cereal?

mmmm I wish I could find this in my local Villa…..

These are all serious questions you have to ask yourself whilst grocery shopping. And I don’t know about you lot, but I get stressed out whenever I walk into my local Villa or Topps Market.

To make my life easier, I get fresh organic fruit and vegetables delivered every week. I tend to buy the same Gluten Free labelled products at the grocery store. If I’m in need of something else, I’ll consult the internet to read food labels and other Celiacs’ comments on the product. A lot of research goes into food before it goes into my mouth!

My advice to any Celiac living in Bangkok is this:

– buy all your cut up fruit from street vendors

– make your own bread or buy it from Sunshine Market

– save time with prepared meals by Amy’s, which are available in most Villa and Topps Markets. Or you could cook your favourite things in bulk and freeze the excess

– do your research before buying anything processed; that means anything in a package or jar!!

– watch your nuts! I mean, contact the company to make sure that they have been processed in a gluten free facility (I have been sick from this mistake many times!)

With a little patience, you can find your go-to brands and shopping will get easier with each trip.

This ‘About’ website has been a great help to me for the past year. Please check it out!


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