The World’s End Cafe Koh Phangan


Whilst staying on the western part of Koh Phangan, my friends, who were staying in the north, told me that there was a gluten free restaurant there. I did not believe them until I went past World’s End and introduced myself. Turns out the owner/chef is gluten free too! This was a serendipitous moment: the universe put me here to do the detox and then eat delicious gluten free food! The only problem? I was only on day 4 out of 7 on my detox. Bugger!

World's End

Breaking the detox with glorious gluten free food!

There was plenty to choose from too! I usually went to World’s End for brunch. My favourites were the GF veggie breakfast with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried potatoes and an English muffin with jam and a slice of cheese.

You can also have GF pancakes, sandwiches and sometimes they have homemade pasta. I will be going back at Christmas!


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