You must eat here when in Vientiane!

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Our lovely server

I was told about Makphat by colleagues in Vientiane, and lucky for me, it was just around the corner from my hotel!

This is a unique restaurant and shop, as it takes kids off the street and teaches them how to cook. The ‘teachers’ educate the students on running a restaurant, serving, etc. as a solution to youth poverty.

Dining room

Dining room

When my friends and first arrived, we had a lovely ‘teacher’ server and he spoke very good English. I explained that I could not have bread, or breadcrumbs, wheat flour or soy sauce. He very patiently explained several dishes to me. In the end I opted for the Curried Mushroom & Coconut with rice noodles and Chicken Curry with Pumpkin and Mushrooms (without chicken). The curry came with some rice too. I would recommend ordering half portions as these alone were huge!!


I wasn’t expecting the egg in the soup, but it worked

The food and drinks were delicious. Just looking at the menu proves it will be a worthwhile dining experience.

Here is the orange and mango freeze and the hibiscus and lime freeze (both alcohol free).

Fruity and delicious!

Fruity and delicious!

For more information, or if you would like to make a reservation (highly recommended) check out this link.


3 thoughts on “You must eat here when in Vientiane!

    • glutenfreethailand says:

      Thanks for recommending it – not! I forgive you though, I was pretty manic trying to get to the airport on time 🙂

  1. Marie-Anne Cummins says:

    apparently wheat flour too expensive in laos so they use corn flour I had bread from chez boune savannakhet all is ok

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