Sunrise Tacos – Terminal 21

Sunrise-Tacos-logo_zps1e9996baI used to be a wuss about spice, that is, until I knew I was moving to Thailand. Then the “I need to eat spice to acclimatize” mission started. Well, Sunrise Tacos helped me to rediscover my love of jalapenos!

One thing I love about Bangkok is the huge range of cuisines. If I’m honest, I thought I would be sick of Thai food by now, but I can mix it up with Mexican, Greek, American, British (they have a cuisine?), French etc!

Whilst shopping at Terminal 21 (between Sukhumvit sois 19 and 21) I stopped in at Sunrise Tacos on the San Francisco floor and was pleasantly surprised! Their tacos are made from corn – no gluten! – and are deep fried in their own oil! BONUS!


Corn chips with a bunch of dips – mango salsa, salsa verde, super spicy salsa and a cilantro and onion salsa

That means I can happily munch away on the chips and salsa, order some tacos or one of my favourites, the Sunrise Chicken salad with mango dressing!

And the good news continues! There are 6 locations in Bangkok and 1 location in Pattaya!ย 


Steak ‘fajitas’ (with soft corn tacos), onion, quacamole, Mexican rice and black beans


5 thoughts on “Sunrise Tacos – Terminal 21

  1. Juan says:


    We went to Sunrise Tacos close to Patpong night market and they didn’t know anything about the flour they use in the tacos. Finally, they asked to the manager and they add some wheat flour in their homemade tacos.

    BTW, your blog’s being really useful in our long asian trip.


    • Marley says:

      Oh no! It has been a few months since I have eaten at Sunrise. I usually frequented the restaurant in Terminal 21. The manager there assured me it was corn flour and they deep fried the tacos in their own oil – not with other products. I was never sick after having eaten there… I guess everywhere you go poses some risk!

  2. Amelia says:

    I just went to the Terminal 21 branch and spoke to the chain manager herself (she herself is not Thai, and happens to speak beautiful English). She assured me several items on the menu were gluten free (such as the chips, nachos, and fried tacos) and some others could be made gluten free upon request. She said she has four or five regular customers who must eat gluten-free and is careful to make sure she gives them safe meals. I am so grateful to have found a safe place to eat in Bangkok! Of course — not for my arteries. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you so much for your blog — it’s been a lifesaver on my business trip to the city. I don’t know what I would have done without it! I’ve found the best online GF advice here.

    • Marley says:

      Brilliant! I am glad you find the site helpful and are enjoying BKK!

      Might I recommend Govinda or Na Aroon (Ariyasom Villa’s restaurant)… You will find a few other safe places around the city ๐Ÿ™‚

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