Naturally Gluten Free Roasted Pumpkin Soup


Awesome soup with not-so-awesome bread…

You don’t see a lot of pumpkins in Thailand, until you really look. They often appear in curries, with green skins. Sometimes you will see them carved into ornate flowers and leaves in fancy restaurants. A few times, I have seen them used as moulds for custards, like in the picture.

When my CSA sent me a pumpkin last week I was so excited! I thought, Oooh I can roast the seeds! And then reality hit and I realized the only pumpkin dish I know is pumpkin pie, and I wasn’t about to commit to the idea of a gluten free pie crust just yet.

So I looked in the fridge for some inspiration. I had some leftover sweet potatoes, coriander (or cilantro, same shit), onions, red curry paste and coconut milk.

What transpired was the laziest soup ever!

I wrapped up the root veg and threw them in the oven with some garlic salt, olive oil and black pepper. I roasted it until the veg was nice and soft.

Then I threw it all in my blender. Oh how I love that blender! While it was blitzing, I added some cinnamon, only a bit, and about half a cup of coconut milk. Then I threw it into a big pot and added about a tablespoon of red curry paste. I kept adding coconut milk until I thought it was the right consistency.

Toast some of your gluten free bread. To give it a kick, I roasted some garlic separately and mixed it with my sunflower spread. If you roast your garlic, keep it in the skin so it doesn’t burn and go brown.


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