Orgran Gluten Free Bread

attempt 1.1

At the best of times, I am not a super baker. I used to leave that to my Grandma Jan; she did the measuring, I did the mixing; she did the decorating, I licked the bowl. True story.

Since pigging out on gluten free bread in Koh Phangan, I returned to Bangkok determined to make my own bread. It can’t be that hard since stupid machines do it…. right?


The end result, does not.ย It did not rise before I put it in the oven. Perhaps there is some ‘science’ to this bread-baking-business.


Attempt #2

Eeehhh? It has risen! Ok, so maybe I cheated by using warm water and sitting it in the oven on a very low temperature.


Hate to admit it folks, but I think my ‘cheat’ worked! WAHOO!! Bread and peanut butter! My life is now complete!

Ok, so now it’s down to taste. If I’m honest, I don’t remember what wheat bread tastes like. I know what it smells like because I regularly stick my nose into the centre of bread loaves to get that wheaty whiff. Yeh, I know that’s weird. But I bet you have some weird habits too.

In terms of taste, it’s ok. The texture on this second loaf was much better than the first. The first one was heavy and I could cut really thin slices. This one, however, is much fluffier. The top crust is a lovely golden brown and crunchy. Inside, it is a bit spongier than normal bread. Living in Thailand and eating strange rice flour desserts and cakes, I am starting to enjoy a sponge bread, over the more traditional wheat ones!


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