Top 5 Gluten Free Travel Websites

5. Gluten Free Bangkok Hotels

Since I live here, I don’t spend a lot of money staying at posh hotels in Bangkok. However, if you do have Celiac disease, and are traveling to this awesome city, you can live and eat well! This website rates the hotels and gives you an idea of how much it will cost to stay in a GF friendly space.

4. Gluten-Free Globe

My next happy happy website is called Gluten-Free Globe. It does have a fair bit of information on Asian cuisines, although, it is lacking in the Thai department. You can write to them to contribute to the countries on their list to update info.

3. Gluten Free Asia

This site is maintained by an American expat living in Malaysia. While the site is still being developed, she does have a good list of GF reading materials and tips for the GF lifestyle.

Image2. Gluten Free 

This website explains a lot about eating in restaurants in Thailand. I would definitely recommend trying a cooking course to understand Thai cuisine more.

1. Select Wisely

This website has food and allergy translations for basically any country you would need! I carry a Thai one in my purse at all times!

OR alternatively, are FREE!


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