Koh Phangan Summer Detox

One great thing about being a teacher is the summer holidays. Although, living in Thailand, it seems like every weekend is a bit of a holiday!

Some friends suggested Koh Phangan as I didn’t want to spend too much time travelling. I must say, I absolutely loved the island! Most people think of Phangan as a party destination, but I did not touch a drop of booze for two weeks.

Beautiful sunset from the west side of the island

Beautiful sunset from the west side of the island

There’s so much more to the island. I stayed in Chaloklum, to the north, and loved how the water level was not affected by the tide. If you tire of looking a the sea, simply turn around and look at the beautiful mountainous landscape. It was also a great place to run, as the main road towards Thong Sala was mostly flat (except for a significant hill about 3kms from town – otherwise it’s about 10km between the two towns). If you’re a bit spiritual, or curious, there are three temples in the north, of which I visited every day for meditation and monk-talks.


Chinese temple near Chaloklum

After the initial scouting mission, I decided to do a detox program at The Yoga Retreat. I knew that I was extremely burnt out, having finished my first teaching year in Thailand. Not to mention, I was so incredibly sick from all the bloody soy sauce! The owners, Kes & Teresa were lovely and very patient with all of my questions.


The Yoga Retreat – run by Teresa & Kes

The detox entailed a morning shake of watermelon with spirulina, a vitamin C tablet and Thai Noni juice (below).

You get used to it after a while!

This was followed by a colonic, then coconut juice. Throughout the day, you have three shakes which are made from either watermelon or papaya with psyllium husks and bentonite clay.

I also did the afternoon Hatha yoga, which was then followed by another colonic. To be honest, the first two days I was so tired and lethargic. I really did not have much energy, but after day five I felt absolutely great! I will definitely do a detox again – perhaps every six months.

Buddhist Temple near Chaloklum

Buddhist Temple near Chaloklum

The whole experience got me thinking about my health and I have decided to go vegetarian. This, in addition to being gluten free, should improve my quality of life. I must remember that health is a relay, not a sprint!


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