Gluten Free Blogs I Follow

I used to have a blog back in university. Like everything around that time, I was convinced of my uninhibited brilliance, yet did everything with a modicum of effort. It had some rants and random bits of writing; not very productive.

Since moving to Bangkok, I kept wishing that there was some guiding light to help me navigate being gluten free in SE Asia. There were a few blogs, with tidbits about China, Korea and Malaysia, but no Thailand. I wanted a one-stop guide to surviving gluten free in this part of the world. Hence, my new blog was created! The list below, however, has some bits of information about Thailand that I initially found useful.

Here are some of the blogs I follow:

Gluten Free Bangkok (only 2 posts, but hopefully more in the future)

Gluten Free Dairy Free NJ                                                                                

Twenty Three and Gluten Free                                                 


One thought on “Gluten Free Blogs I Follow

  1. Me!! says:

    Good luck with this blog, and love the optimism…..”feel that I have a pretty good grasp on the city and southeast Asia in general”.

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