Cabbages & Condoms – Sukhumvit Soi 12

tom kha soupI’ve been here several times and can vouch for safe gluten free food. I normally order from the Vegetarian menu, which includes Tom Kha soup – a sour coconut based soup.

I find most curries are safe as they do not use soy sauce in them. The base is a mix of spices, coconut milk and then the veg and meat finish it off. The soups also, do not often use soy sauce, instead they use fish sauce.Β Simply say to the serving staff that you cannot have soy sauce or fish sauce.

The menu does not feature a lot of wheat products, but as a safe rule, I always avoid deep fried dishes. Most Thai restaurants tend to use rice flour wraps for their spring rolls and rice flour for deep fried batters. But I’d rather play it safe.


I am happy to report that all of the desserts are gluten free – rice flour is all up in that stuff! I personally love the sticky rice with mango and the banana boiled in coconut milk.



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